Don’t buy a rug online!!!…But why?

In some cases the on line businesses are not owned and operated locally and are not covered by The Australian consumer protection law.
Unlike some products a rug is something that one needs to see and feel from close up in order to get a good idea of its quality and value. Buying on line is buying based on a photo. Two rugs of a similar size could also look very similar in photos but one could be as low as $50 and the other as high as $50,000.
When one buys a rug just by looking at a photo on a website they might not end up getting the rug that they think they ordered.

So How should I buy my rug?
By all means do all your research on line but in order to get the best value for your money and to make sure that you are going to be happy with your rug it is really in your benefit to walk into an actual real showroom and go through their stock. There you have the benefit of comparing different qualities by looking and touching them from close up and at the same time you have the assistance of an expert explaining to you the difference between qualities and can reply to all your enquiries face to face.

Try before you buy
We also offer our customers the ‘Try before you buy’ option. Rugs tend to look very different in different settings and under different lighting. ‘Try before you buy’ option is a great way to get the right rug for your home without any commitment from you. You really have nothing to lose. In case the rug is not suitable for the area at least you get closer to choosing the right rug by going through this exercise.

Come visit us
So please come for a visit at one of our showrooms near you and don’t forget to bring your measurements.

Tips on taking measurements
We recommend that you measure the smallest and largest possible scenarios. This way you will have more options when choosing the rug.